Fully engine and frame service - Aircraft Maintenance

The Hidroplan Nord Ltd, as licensed maintenance organisation executes the traffic and periodical maintaining, servicing of Gazelle, Alouette type helicopters, instead of the maintaining, servicing and change of engine. As same on AN-2, JAK-18, MH-1521 Broussard aircrafts too.

The technical maintaining of helicopters stand by severe directions, which observe has continuing checked by the Authority. Our Firm is accordance with the technical instruction of European Union.

Our equipped maintaining station disposes of the following:

  • Modern accumulator charger and servicing station:
  • Checking and servicing damage vibrations (Chadwick - Helmuth):
  • Our maintenance yard apt for changing, maintaining and servicing engines:
  • Painting, shining yard for aircrafts and equipments:
  • Heat treating furnace to paint spare parts:
  • Rotor blade condition checking equipment:
  • Checking instrument for the engine starter - ignited equipment:
  • Ultrasound filter - cleaner equipment:
  • Checking equipment to fuel quantity gauge instruments on Alouette II aircrafts: